Nuestra Historia

  ¡Ah, México!...A rich and colorful tapestry woven over centuries by art and culture, proud history, and industrious people. A land with indigenous roots, deeply vested in religion, steeped in tradition, whose social and political fabric is ever changing.

  México Lindo was founded on June 18, 2016 in the city of Bergen in Norway. Thanks to the enthusiasm of its members México Lindo is rapidly becoming a well known folkloric dance group in Bergen. The mission of México Lindo is to share some of the best customs and traditions the Mexican culture has to offer by performing traditional Mexican dances and educating people further about what México truly means. México Lindo is dedicated to sponsoring and participating in community events that keep us active and visible, and carry our message of inclusion to the beautiful city of Bergen.

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Mexican folkdance, Baile folklorico