• Yericka Ruggeri


    Norway is now my country. Italy is where I grew up, but Mexico is my motherland where part of my dear family still lives. I want to remind myself everyday of my grandmother and my roots, by sharing with you the folkloric side of Mexico. I love the colors of flowers because they remind me of the beautiful colors of my Mexico lindo y querido.

  • Grecia Muñoz Botello


    I’m from Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango. I’ve been dancing Mexican folk dance since I was 11 years old. Words cannot describe the joy and the rewarding feeling I get when I'm able to show my country to the world through one of its most beautiful traditions.

  • Mauricio Romero



    I was born and raised in Monterrey, the city of mountains, with the best barbeques, and the most awesome people in Mexico. Sharing a little bit of our culture abroad through music and dance is one of my passions (only after football and tacos).

  • Daniela Alvær


    I come from Mexico City, 2,250 metres above sea level! For me, dancing is an emblematic piece of our Mexican identity. Just as Norwegians are born skiing, we Mexicans are born dancing. To perform our Mexican folkloric dances is a great opportunity to have dialogue with Norway, to portray its multiculturalism, its openness and its inclusion through our cultural traditions.

  • Mariana G.D. Heggholmen


    I was born and raised in San Diego, California to Mexican parents. It makes me happy to share the culture of my parents and ancestors with the Norwegian community. Being a part of Mexico Lindo is a sweet reminder of home, the members of this group are like extended family and I'm blessed to have them in my life. 

  • Claudia Hernandez


    To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.” Through this folkloric dance group, we have found the opportunity to bring people closer to our Mexican hearts. We can show the world the vibrant dances which are attached to our magnificent culture. Mexico welcomes you to be part of this celebration of traditions through our dances. Join us tapping your feet to the sound of Mariachi and let’s have a toast with a shot of Tequila!

  • Cecilia Enriquez G.



    I was born in Mexico City, but my parents come from the mountain range of  Veracruz.  I grew up with the combination of the sweet smell of coffee and the joyous dance of the city.  

  • Pepe Martinez


    I am from the northern city of Saltillo, Mexico. It's an honor to be a part of this group and be able to showcase the folklore of dance; one the best aspects of the Mexican culture.

  • Claudia Arroyo


    Hola! I was born in the vicinity of the Gulf of Mexico, a mystical place full of history, colors, beautiful jungles and delicious fresh seafood straight from the ocean. I grew up dancing salsa music and listening to the marimba. In Norway, I am proud of being able to represent a bit of  the Mexican folklore, while embracing my roots and the joy that characterizes my Mexico.

  • Tania Islas



    I'm originally from the State of Mexico. A state magnified by its natural and cultural diversity. I want to highlight the wonder of the colors of Lake Texcoco; the taste of olives and "auautle"; the color of the sacred "pochote"; the rhythm and color of the carnival dances. For this and more, dance for me, is the link between culture, tradition and gastronomy combined with the body and soul.

  • Francisco Hernandez


    Directly from the state of Mexico, I came to Norway attracted by research in Bioinformatics. I am happy to be part of this lively group that is Mexico Lindo. A group of wonderful people that keep our rich Mexican culture alive through dance and by sharing it with everyone wherever we go.

  • Maritza Villegas


    Ever since I was little, I loved music and dancing. There was no school dance that I did not attend. Dance has impacted my life so much that I still remember the steps and the songs from my childhood years. More than a decade ago, I found love aboard an airplane while crossing the Atlantic. Today we live in Bergen with two beautiful children. In addition, I work with wonderful Norwegian textiles.

  • Jessica Alvarez


    I come from the largest state of Mexico, Chihuahua. I love traditional northern Mexico dancing. Being part of Mexico Lindo feels like I'm integrating my Mexican roots into Norwegian soil. Joy within me begins with every step that I perform!

  • Itzel Lopez


    To dance with passion and heart makes me happy, especially when I show the folklore of my dear Mexico.

  • Lizlot Frydenlund


    I was born in Mexico City and I love to dance. It is a pleasure to can share with the world the richness of the mexican culture through the most beautiful arts that exist in the world: the dance and the music!

  • Oscar Aldaz


    I'm proud to have been born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Have you heard about tequila, ranchero music, charreadas, mexican sombreros and mariachi groups? Have you seen the beautiful colored dresses the girls in “Mexico Lindo” wear? Well, all of that is from the state of Jalisco! A bit about me; I am passionate about football, traveling, dancing and I love to cook Mexican cuisine.

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